With less than two weeks until the start of school, Charleston County School District puts finishing touches on two multimillion dollar elementary schools.

A job well done for our community,” Shavonna Coakley, Chicora Elementary’s principal, said.

Chicora Elementary at Rivers Avenue and Success Street is designed with the Chicora neighborhood and its kids in mind.

The new facility will hold more than 500 students at its opening, With an academic focus on communications, the school has a media center and multipurpose rooms that can be used for community programs.

Teachers and students will be trained in the latest technology with every student getting access to an iPad. Coakley said the building is more than a place to teach.

“This new building is bringing back a sense of hope, a sense of responsibility for parents, the community, for people who are willing to partner with us to make sure these children do not fall behind any longer,” Coakley said.

CCSD will also open Springfield Elementary, which is set to have more than 700 students in its 40 classrooms.

The school has special project labs and computer labs to enhance kids’ STEM learning, according to Principal Blondell Adams.

“Not only is it a beautiful place to be, but look at the wonderful initiatives that are going on in the building. It’s so exciting and rewarding allowing students to really truly develop their talents as we develop ours,” Adams said.

Charleston County School District begins classes on Aug. 15.

Brittany Grabski