A dedication ceremony was held for Richland County’s newest facility on Friday, September 29, 2017.

The Decker Center Remodel included the renovation of an existing one-story, 121,000 square foot area of the Decker Center strip mall located at 2500 Decker Boulevard in Columbia, South Carolina.  The facility houses Richland County’s Central and Traffic Court facility as well as Sheriff’s Region Headquarter Sub Station and the Warrants Division operations. As construction manager for the project, Brownstone was successfully able to complete the project on schedule and over $1.5 million under budget.

In a recent Letter to The State’s Editorial Board, Richland County Councilman Jim Manning said the following of Brownstone’s involvement, “While there are numerous individuals who made the incredible repurposing of the two-decade-abandoned Kroger store in Dentsville possible, the two unsung heroes are Richland County Councilman Greg Pearce and Brownstone President Dale Collier. I may have been the cheerleader, but their extraordinary leadership and commitment made it happen.

They ensured that the new Decker Center was completed for $1.5 million under budget and on time, despite the horrifying 1,000-year flood. They saw to it that the building exceeded all safety standards for a law-and-order facility. They saw to it that the exterior and interior would do our citizens proud. And finally, they saw to it that the water-retention system is the standard for best practices across our state.

This Richland County building will well serve the taxpayers, the employees, local businesses and surrounding neighborhoods for years to come. And many people are to be thanked for this accomplishment, but Mr. Collier and Mr. Pearce should always head that list.”

Richland County uploaded the following video of the Decker Center Dedication to their YouTube channel:

Brittany Grabski