In July of 2016, Brownstone entered into a 5 year indefinite delivery contract (IDC) for contract management agent services on a “as needed” basis for the City of North Charleston for projects funded by or through the City. In March of 2017, Brownstone was awarded the North Charleston Passenger Intermodal Facility project through the North Charleston IDC. The Intermodal Facility will be constructed at the site of the existing Amtrak Passenger Station located on Graynor Avenue in North Charleston. Plans for the facility include a 15,000 square foot transportation hub that will provide intermodal connections between the Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority, Amtrak, and Southeastern Stages intercity buses. The existing Amtrak Station will be demolished and the North Charleston Intermodal Passenger Station construction on the site of the existing facility.



In Progress


Brownstone was hired by WAT Properties to master plan, be the primary architect and provide construction management services for their mixed-use development project. The 64-acre development is envisioned to be an economic boost for the North Columbia area and features a unique array of facilities, amenities and neighborhood qualities and will be the “downtown” of North Columbia. Mixed income housing will include single-family residences and townhomes. Other neighborhood features include a Pre-K thru 1st grade school for 150 students, community grocery and hardware store, boutique retail, multi-functional indoor sports/health facility, conference center, micro hotel, active/assisted living village, community pavilion and 2 miles of walking/jogging trails. We are currently working closely with the client to complete a challenging public input process prior to submitting a Planned-Unit Development application to the city. In addition to the PUD application, Brownstone is working with City Planning Officials to rezone and annex the project.



Trinity Baptist Church in Florence, South Carolina is currently renovating two existing buildings on their site. The buildings will house local businesses and shops, as well as possible living spaces. The one story building on the site is 2,592 square feet while the two story is 9,010 square feet. Additionally, a third building, a new three-story, 30,000 square foot mixed-use building is planned on a vacant lot that is owned by the church.