Dale is a hands-on leader who finds enjoyment in maintaining interaction with each project and ensuring complete client satisfaction. Under his guidance since 2005, Brownstone has grown dramatically to include the opening of our Charleston, Savannah, and Charlotte offices. Dale is a Certified Construction Manager who, before establishing Brownstone Construction Group, worked with many reputed organizations like Southern Management Group, Richland County School District One and Zach McGhee & Associates. Collier is a native South Carolinian and earned his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from the University of South Carolina.

What Drives Dale?

Fear and Faith have the same definition:  “Believing what you don’t see will happen.”  Choose Faith!

What drives and makes me believe in Brownstone is our people and the personal relationship I share with most, if not all, of our personnel.  When we started the firm, I had to be involved in all aspects of the company in a “hands on” manner.  Therefore, I grew close to many employees to the point where I came to know their spouses, children, parents and even pets.  This in turn has become the burden I bear as I work each day to see that Brownstone succeeds on behalf of the many families that are supported by our efforts and the decisions we make.   I’ve seen many of our people go the extra mile for this company and know that they truly believe in what we are trying to do as a company.  I don’t take this for granted and want them to know that I too am giving my best for this organization.     

Professional Milestone

While blessed to have had a few high points in my career, none of them compare to the challenges and excitement of starting Brownstone and building it from the ground up form a group that essentially sat around at 6-seat conference room table.   After almost 15 years now, I’m still excited about what the future holds for the company and our personnel.  We are now challenged with managing the growth of the company as we have expanded to having personnel in five offices across three states.  It has been extremely satisfying to not only see the growth of the firm, but also the quality and commitment of our team members who have excelled to a point where it is now easy to sell our services to interested owners.  I’m also proud of the fact that this company growth has not come at the sacrifice of the culture which allows us to celebrate our diversity, enjoy the work we do and deliver excellent service.    

Outside of the Office

All who know me should be aware of the Faith and Family that drive me each day.  In the construction business, there are times when one’s faith is tested.  While this may be true, we have resolved that we will enjoy each day and not become disgruntled by the various challenges of this industry.  I have no doubt that Brownstone has grown in part due to the faith that we’ve kept over the years we’ve been operating.  This could not have been done without the dedication of not only the Brownstone family, but my own personal family.  My wife Denise and children (Dale, Jr. and Damaris) have supported me through the years and provided inspiration for me during this journey.   Denise has allowed me to be fully invested in Brownstone while reminding me that she must “maintain her current standard of living.”  As our children were very small when we started BCG, they provided the very personal motivation I needed to work toward making the company a success.



As a founding partner of Brownstone, Darrell has over 18 years of experience within business development and public affairs; with contacts and relationships nationally. Darrell’s role as Chief Strategy Officer covers a multitude of areas to include the firm’s planning and growth. He is charged with formulating, facilitating, communicating, and sustaining Brownstone’s corporate strategic initiatives and has done so successfully. Additionally, Darrell leads the business development and marketing departments within the firm to establish and retain strong client relations for the parent company and subsidiaries.

Although Darrell is an executive of the firm, his role is unique, in that, as CSO he is part leader and part doer. The responsibility of ensuring the execution of strategy supports the firm’s growth is invaluable and Darrell takes his role seriously.

“Enjoy your work, stay focused and on task despite distractions and challenges, and remember the joy of the job is delivering for the client.”

What Drives Darrell?

I love it when our team has completed a job, and I always enjoy going to the client with a smile, and saying “We appreciate the opportunity, and I just wanted to remind you, that I said, if you give us a chance, we would deliver for you - and we did.”

Professional Milestone

It has been something special to grow the company from 3 to 40 employees and take part in the addition of offices in two states - Georgia and North Carolina.

Outside of the Office

When not strategizing for the firm and meeting with clients, I appreciate a good book, am an avid Gamecock football fan and enjoy tailgating with family and friends, and if time and weather permits, a round of golf may be in order.



As Executive Vice President of Brownstone, Anthony leads our Design and Engineering Division and has been tasked with the responsibility of monitoring the efforts of several projects in our multi-faceted firm. Anthony is able to utilize his innate ability to coordinate the varied number of tasks and challenges that this program provides while simultaneously overseeing projects within Brownstone’s design sector. Anthony is the current Secretary and past Chairman of the South Carolina Board of Architectural Examiners and is an active member of the American Institute of Architects and National Council of Architectural Registration Boards.

Prior to joining Brownstone in 2011, Lawrence was an integral design team member at Boudreaux Group, Wilbur Smith Associates and GMK Associates.  While at Wilbur Smith, Lawrence led the master planning efforts for one of their largest land planning and infrastructure projects in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

A native of Mississippi, Lawrence earned his Professional Bachelor of Architecture degree from Mississippi State University.

What Drives Anthony?

Early in my life, I was told to set myself apart from others and to constantly challenge that which is normal so that my growth would never end.  Brownstone was founded on this parallel principal.  It is what makes our people exceptional and beyond capable to surpass our client’s needs.  

Professional Milestone

Becoming a licensed Architect and being the first African-American to serve as the chair for the SC Board of Architectural Examiners. 

Anthony’s Favorite Books

Life changing books: Makes Me Wanna Holler: A Young Black Man in America, Nathan McCall; Paul R. Williams, Architect, Karen E. Hudson; The 48 Laws of Power, Robert Greene; Good to Great, Jim Collins; Hooked, How to Build Habit Forming Products, Nir Eyal; Between Silence and Light: Spirit in the Architecture of Louis Kahn, John Lobell & Louis Kahn.