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From the start, Brownstone envisioned the development of a full-service management, design and planning firm focused on completing projects better than the rest of the market place. We don’t attempt to be all things to everyone. Instead, we seek strategic opportunities that will showcase our talent. Built on the purpose to develop strong solutions with a budget driven and team oriented approach, we are proud of how far we’ve come.



Brownstone was founded in 2005 by Dale Collier and Darrell Campbell as an Agency Construction Management Firm providing services for clients by undertaking large building programs.  Brownstone prides itself on providing professional services for clients and delivering projects of unparalleled quality and within established budgets.  As a fledgling company, Brownstone’s founders understood that providing excellent service would result in repeat clients and establish long-term stability for the company.  The firm’s initial contract was the Charleston County School District which remains a valued client to this day.  This commitment to service has allowed Brownstone to grow from simply partnering with other firms to competing with them and securing independent contracts without the aid of any governmental set-aside projects.

Another goal of the firm was to provide a diverse offering of services to clients in lieu of having an “all the eggs in one basket” approach.  In that regard, over its tenure, Brownstone has expanded to also provide Architecture, Transportation Design and Inspection, and Construction Management at-Risk Contracting Services.  With capable professionals working in each of these arenas, the firm has completed numerous design projects, implemented a major transportation infrastructure program and embarked on signature construction projects in the Southeast. 


We have worked with a half dozen construction management firms over the years and have no reservations about ranking Brownstone at the top of the list.”